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Beako 2010 is a lightweight breathable nose cover (sunglasses accessory) that works well in both hot and cold climates; it is easily worn to fit all types of eyewear: wireframe, plastic frame, ski goggles, and “Blade” style sunglasses. Beako can be worn comfortably to protect your nose from the harmful effects of the sun, frost, and wind. Beako will not fog your eyewear, flip up at high speeds, or in high-winds once secured onto your eyewear, properly. Beko will offer the aero-dynamics needed to keep your Beako straight in high winds and at high speeds. Beako2010 is available in 5 sizes.



Consider choosing one size smaller when wearing Goggles. Because a lesser portion of the nose is exposed when wearing goggles versus sunglasses. Can also make a ruler or measurement chart for both sunglasses and goggles..
Use one size smaller on your goggles versus the size worn with on “your” sunglasses.
🕶️   Goggles    🕶️
XS-  1.5″-1.75″….. XXS
S- 1.75″-2″…………  XS
M 2″-2.25″ …………  S
L 2.25″-2.5″ ……….  M
XL 2.5″-2.75″………. L


For Questions About the Product (Sizing, Fit, Colors etc.) Call Us at (310) 548-6885


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Australian Flag, Brown Leopard, Camo, Canadian Flag, Grand Canyon, Mount Whistler, Psychedelic Glow, Rainbow, Red leopard, Reggae Swirl, Sea Turtle, Sunset, US Flag, Whistler

Fastener for Eyewear

Strap, Patch for Goggles, Patch for Plastic Frame, C-Cuts for Wireframe


XS, S, M, L, XL


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