Tips and Suggestions

Cover Up

Tips and Suggestions for Beko Xtreme Gear Products


  1. The Beko 2010/2012/custom comes with “C-Cuts” and is available with either the Velcro Strap or the Velcro Patch.
    • Option #1: Velcro Strap and C-Cuts.
    • Option #2: Velcro Patch and C-Cuts.
  2. Use one size smaller on goggles than you’d wear with sunglasses.

Beko Cleaning Instructions:

  • Handwash or machine wash cold.
  • For machine wash, use mesh laundry bag.
  • Gentle cycle.
  • Tumble dry low.
  • ***Facemasks spot cleaning only (recommended).

Buying the right size is important. If your nose cover is too big, both sides of the nose cover will sit flat and flap on top of your nose. If your nose cover is too small, it will be less coverage of protection and fit is tight. See sizing chart for details.